Does bamboo make the softest sheets?

When you contemplate the vast percentage of your life spent sleeping, (or trying to) it is easy to understand why a high quality bed sheet would be desirable.  In your search for the most comfortable fabric on the planet, there are a few things to keep in mind. Quality When looking for the softest sheets, […]

A Good Night’s Sleep with the Softest Sheets

Did you know that you will spend a full 1/3 of your life asleep? For all of the time spent in this state, surprisingly little research and attention has been focused on sleep, and how it relates to your health. Having said this, a good night’s rest does play a large role in physical, mental, […]

Why Buy Organic Bamboo Sheets?

As eco-consciousness grows across the globe, we are all becoming more aware of our need to protect the environment we enjoy so much. For more than health reasons, keeping a flourishing mother nature is imperative for our future and requires a focused effort by all. Making the decision to buy organic doesn’t have to stop […]

Organic Bamboo Sheets

Questions have risen concerning the organic nature of bamboo sheets and other textiles.  Bamboo is organic in the sense that no chemicals are used in its growth process.  As a plant, bamboo has no need for herbicides, pesticides, or insecticides, having almost no predators in the wild.  Bamboo is the #1 fastest growing plant on […]