Does bamboo make the softest sheets?

When you contemplate the vast percentage of your life spent sleeping, (or trying to) it is easy to understand why a high quality bed sheet would be desirable.  In your search for the most comfortable fabric on the planet, there are a few things to keep in mind.


When looking for the softest sheets, finding the perfect bed sheet is going to be about more than just fabric.  We have all felt a variety of cotton sheets before, and some are just softer than others.  Comparing different brands of the same weight and thread count sheets can be extremely enlightening.  Take care to investigate the quality of the material, from the growers to the sewers, many hands and processes can seriously detract from a fabric’s natural properties.

Softest Sheets


This attribute will tell you a lot about a company’s priorities as they supply you with their product.  Have you ever thought that your $20 sheets from amazon were so breathable because they were as thin as tissue paper?  Don’t mistake “qualities” for inadequacies.  Some of best fabrics will have a nice thick feel to them.  It will feel luxurious and almost heavy in nature.  Those are the fabrics that will stand the test of time and give you the most comfortable rest you could ask for.

All – Natural

I don’t want pesticides in my food either.  Chemicals are contributing to a lot of problems these days.  Maybe its time that we just stand up and refuse to support the destructive nature that has been status quo for so long.  While you are investigating your product, you can look for a fabric and material that is grown naturally, and without chemical additives.  Now, I do understand that some chemicals are needed in production to make sure the textiles and garments are properly cleaned and washed.  The growing of plants, however, can be done without all of the poison.


Lastly, you probably just need to check out bamboo.  Bamboo sheets make some of the most amazing textiles on the planet.  And in your search for the softest sheets, this one might just hit the spot.  Boasting no chemicals, a thick, luxurious feel, and the most breathable and softest sheets you will ever find, bamboo may be just what you need.

For the Good of the Outfit

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your taste in style and comfort actually benefited the planet?  Well, with bamboo sheets, you will be seeking to heal the world instead of poisoning it.  Bamboo is the most amazing plant.  It is the #1 fastest growing plant in the world.  It boasts a rate of 3 feet per day (with a few species) and can pump out 35% more oxygen than a group of trees.  Talk about eco-friendly!

Check out some bamboo sheets today and see why the band wagon is turning greener by the minute.