Why Buy Organic Bamboo Sheets?

As eco-consciousness grows across the globe, we are all becoming more aware of our need to protect the environment we enjoy so much. For more than health reasons, keeping a flourishing mother nature is imperative for our future and requires a focused effort by all. Making the decision to buy organic doesn’t have to stop after food – indeed it can and should carry over into the fabrics and clothing we use. Buying organic bamboo sheets is a perfect way to transition out of the chemical laden cotton rut that many are stuck in. Part of the problem with alternative fabrics is that they are not commercially grown in America, thereby making access to them expensive and sparse. Luckily, organic bamboo sheets is a growing fad, and is allowing millions to realize how many green and beneficial fabrics actually exist.

Organic bamboo sheets come loaded with creature features and comforts that trounce their arch nemesis: cotton. Bamboo sheets are softer even with a lower thread count, with 250tc bamboo being softer than 1000tc cotton. Bamboo sheets breathe better and actually keep you an average of 3 degrees cooler each night. Bamboo is superior in its ability to absorb and wick away moisture, keeping it cleaner, longer. Studies have recently surfaced that tout the ability of bamboo fabrics to actually fight bacteria and reduce the number of colonies in less than a night. Think of how often you use a bath towel…and how often you wash it. Now consider how many hours are spent in your bed sheets and the comparable washes. With that in mind, you will be glad to have a fabric proven to fight bacteria.

Bamboo is one of the most organic and eco-friendly plants on earth. It produces more oxygen, and more wood than trees. It requires zero chemicals, because it has no predators. It is the fastest growing plant on earth. And once you sleep in a set of organic bamboo sheets, you won’t ever want to go back. They truly are the softest sheets in the world.