What is a Good Thread Count?

Organic Bamboo Sheets

When considering which thread count to get for your sheets, a large part of your decision should be based on the material you are getting.  Sheet sets come in many different fabrics and styles.  Some are softer than others naturally, and so require a lower thread count to be just as soft.

Fabric Type

When using cotton, even the brand can have an effect on the thread count you should choose.  Some brands use high quality cotton that will be soft and others not so much.  Typically, cotton sheets around 1,000 thread count will be very soft.  Organic cotton is being advertised, not for its soft hand, but for the growth of its cotton without chemicals, so this shouldn’t influence your decision.  Thread counts of around 750 or 800 would be advisable to get a soft sheet and not break the bank.

Another type of popular fabric is bamboo viscose.  Bamboo viscose is a naturally softer fabric than cotton or even other types of fiber like eucalyptus or hemp. It has all of the benefits of being an eco-friendly fabric, but is extremely soft.  For this reason, you will typically see bamboo sheets sold in 250 to 350 thread counts.  Bamboo rayon is so soft that even a 250 thread count sheet will feel better than 1,000 thread count cotton sheets.  This being the case, you can save a little money by selecting 250 thread count bamboo sheets.  Anything higher will just raise the price, and not give you much more in return.  250 seems to be a good thread count for bamboo sheet sets.

Organic Bamboo Sheets

Organic Bamboo Sheets

While organic bamboo sheets will benefit you with a higher degree of comfort when it comes to a soft feel, they also excel in other areas.  Bamboo sheets are also able to keep you around 3 degrees cooler than other sheets, making for a nice comfortable night.  Bamboo as a plant is very beneficial to the world.  It can grow extremely fast, making it a highly renewable resource.  It also requires no pesticides, and saves the world from a lot of chemical spraying that plants like cotton would use.

Other benefits of bamboo are numerous.  Bamboo can process 5 times as much carbon as trees and produces 35% more oxygen than trees.  So while cotton is solely used for fabrics, and really damages the environment, bamboo can be an alternative as a fabric resource, but can double as a forest of trees necessary for cleaning our air.   There are over 1,000 recorded uses for bamboo, making it one of the most versatile crops in the world.

Now all we need to do is pick bamboo over our other options.  If bamboo were to be planted on a global scale, the negative effects of global warming could be reversed in as little as 6 years.